Eligfen Co. has been supplying municipalities and waste collection companies with equipments and vehicles with ACompactor brand.

Acompactor Provides many equipments and vehicles for waste management industry. Our company provides Garbage Trucks,Refuse Garbage Trucks, Vacuum Tankers, Vacuum Trucks, Canal jetting Vehicles, Sewer Cleaning Vehicles, Combined Sewer Jetting & Vacuum Vehicles, Hooklifts, Hook loaders, Skip Loaders, Telescopic Aerial Platforms, Lowbed Trailers, Firefighters and many other vehicles for waste industry.

On the basis of human creation, something must consume in order to survive. While Human consuming leftover waste materials, Either these materials will provide to usage once thorugh recycling or will be destroyed by safety methods. Thus, avoiding wastage, can improve the quality of our lives and living spaces. A healthier life, a healthier living space and for a more cleaner world, world needs a good waste management vehicles.

Acompacrtor moves 25 years of experience in the production of waste collection equipments into the international arena with ACompactor brand. With our team of experienced and professional managers of production, we want to introduce our quality products and quality and  offer our services to municipalities and private waste industry.

As a point of sale and service areas, we have provided many equipments to Middle East, North Africa, Europe. Creating a network of sales and service in many countries as soon as possible, we aim to provide fast and reliable service for our customers.

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