Eligfen Co.  has been managing the international sales of Racing Simualtors anbd Flight Simulation equipments of Arcsim Motion Simulators.

ARCSIM was founded in 2005 by a team of gaming enthusiasts who wants to transform their experience into manufacturing. The company started its venture with manufacturing static simulators for racing games. With its work discipline and quality production, ARCSIM became one of the top companies in Turkey for the field in a short time. Successfully adapting its own manufactured motion systems into racing simulators, the company started exporting Formula 1 simulators to different parts of the world. Developing “its own ARCSIM SOFTWARE” for full motion mechanisms the team achieved the most realistic racing feeling with the simulators. Attending numbers of exhibitions and organisations all around, ARCSIM company gained a respectful place in the world market.

Expanding R&D studies continuously brought one more achievement to ARCSIM team and they developed Flight & Roller Coaster simulator and Sky Diving simulator. Today, ARCSIM is not only a significant manufacturer but also a technology supplier for many players in the gaming and simulation sector. The company considers the customer satisfaction and giving the best to the users as the main goal. Thanks to its dynamic, experienced team ARSCIM generated a wide customer network in Europe, America, North Africa and Asia-Pacific.

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