Let us renew your buildings with a modern system… Frameless glass sliding systems are getting popular all over the world and we are the one-stop solution for you.. If you want to have a modern look for your homes, restaurants and commercial places we will be happy to make the design and if needed, offer installation service as well.

Balcony glazing system is the perfect solution rain and dust problems for your homes. With double glazing you can also prevent yourself from cold weather and noise!

Sliding glass systems help you to divide your work spaces and offer flexibility to gain from open weather.

Pergola systems help you cover from rain and sun but most importantly allows you to access opem air with a small button. Due to new smoking regulations in most countries, pergola systems help restaurant and cafe owners to offer seating sections for smokers. You may also cover your pool and terrace for residential purposes..

Let us know your requirements to find the perfect solution for you…

Door Systems



Our single and double aluminium doors have been designed to fit anywhere in your home with ‘front’ and ‘back’ door options. Whichever you choose, you can be assured that when you lock your doors they will secure your home every time.

To compliment the sleek sightlines of our residential collection, Crown Entrance Doors and Double French Doors close quietly on minimally intrusive hinges. All of our aluminium doors have the same highly insulated frames as Crown windows and, because they are made from aluminium, they do not expand or shrink, fitting snugly into their frames, ensuring there are no draughts and, from a security point of view, no vulnerable gaps.

We have used all of our years of design expertise to create a range of modern & elegant aluminium hinged doors offering long-lasting & highly secure performance.

Our range of Aluminium Sliding Door Systems are engineered for strength & stability. Their wide openings coupled with slim frames allow you to enjoy the best views & maximum light.

Our Sliding/Folding Aluminium Door Systems slide & fold away effortlessly, creating space to relax and enjoy the full beauty of the outside, inside – whatever the weather.

Reasons to Buy

  • Elegant design with slim sight lines
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Multi chamber for strength and thermal performance
  • Dualsecure locking system for peace of mind
  • PAS 24 Security certified
  • Dual color frames for a personalised finish
  • Low threshold cill to ease access

Window Systems



At Eligfen Metal Aluminium you will find an aluminium window for every project type, from commercial to residential to traditional and contemporary. Our windows are both versatile in function and design. Every desired opening type is available, from inward and outward opening, turn and tilt and double casement. A full range of energy efficient windows are also available for those projects that require you to meet the most stringent efficiency demands. Browse our full range of aluminium windows on our brochures.

Our unique window systems combine countless design opportunities with first in class performance in terms of thermal insulation, air-and water-tightness, and production speed. The systems offers a wide design range and ultimate performance regarding thermal insulation and air- and water tightness. This new generation of innovative window solutions mirrors the current architectural trend towards maximising daylight while offering ultimate insulation levels.

These different levels of insulation are achieved by the integration of new and clever materials. The unique concept makes it possible to combine an extensive range of window opening types, design variants, and different levels of thermal insulation. The design variants, each with their own distinct look and feel, make MasterLine 8 suitable for any architectural style.

The systems are fully weather stripped to achieve the highest levels of weather performance. All aluminium profiles incorporate thermal barriers to meet the latest Building Regulation requirements in terms of U values and window energy ratings.

Reasons to Buy

  • Wide range of framing shapes to suit all styles of projects

  • Versatile and comprehensive – creates top hung, side hung or fixed light windows

  • Patented security bead design

  • Virtually maintenance free

  • Wide choice of colour finishes options including dual colour

  • Compatible with other window and door products

  • Security designed into system and hardware options

  • Trickle ventilators to meet Building Regulations needs

  • Can incorporate mullions and transoms with structural capabilities

  • Can create glazed screens or bay windows with corner junctions at any angle

Bulletproof & Fire-Resistant Systems


Eligfen Metal Aluminum series fire fire resistant fenestration that are designed to minimize the losses that will occur during consists of systems that comply with European standards. Our systems, 30, 60, or 90 minutes for the minimum level of space to the spread of fire and allows it to pass through keeping the people safe zones. However, these individuals are avoiding exposure to smoke and heat. Fire-resistant aluminium joinery in our series successfully passed the tests conducted by internationally accredited laboratories in Europe. Internationally recognized certificate and a certificate of warranty that we will supply you with our products.


Eligfen Metal Aluminium systems, military vehicles, armored transport, security booths, armored vehicles, VIP and special tools and technical solutions most appropriate to the structure of the ballistic characteristics, knowledgeable and experienced team to produce the maximum safety and durability with ballistic glass and frames produced on the basis of the service to bring many countries of the world.
In line with the demands and needs of our customers, our company products with international quality standards aims to provide fast and reliable solutions to prepare projects.

Entrance Security Doors

The entrance door is not just a form of direct access to the inside of a building, but also serves as a first glimpse of the inhabitants’ character.

Why not create high-quality individual designs with entrance doors.

What features should your dream entrance door have? Find out more.

+ Energy Efficiency

The heat stays in and the cold is kept out. Entrance doors from Schueco provide thermal insulation that already meet all the legal requirements of tomorrow. The potential energy savings can be fully utilised thanks to the interplay between the entrance door, windows, sliding units etc. The result is lower energy costs. And a commitment to climate protection.


A thermally insulated entrance door guarantees a comfortable room climate whatever the temperature outside. The heat is kept inside the house during the cold season and outside during the summer. In this way, you save on expensive energy for your heating and air conditioning unit – whilst also making a contribution to climate protection. We guarantee you the highest insulation values whatever the weather. Our door thresholds also shield you from discomfort caused by driving rain and draughts.


For energy-saving entrance doors, a thermally insulated door threshold forms the seal with the floor. It prevents expensive energy losses and offers reliable protection against driving rain and draughts in the floor area. We offer different threshold options that can also be used for easy access living due to the minimal installation height.




Folding door system optimizes your way of living by drawing the exterior into your home, with a minimum of space usage. This high performance system offers different opening types, both inward and outward, to meet all possible requirements. Apart from the standard folding elements, They can feature a main door principle, in which the first leaf is used as an entrance door without affecting the other folding leafs.

Flexible and innovative solutions for architectural interior and exterior frames between the open and spacious living areas creating the pane with aluminum folding.

Full folding aluminum joinery systems delivers wide margins by providing solid, 4 seasons gives you the opportunity to live in the building. Technical Details and The secret of the whole,

  • 45 – 80 mm Case Thickness
  • 1.6 mm – 1.8 mm and 2 mm wall thickness with system profiles
  • QUALANOD and QUALICOAT certified profile production in all RAL colors and eloxal options
  • EPDM weather water and dust sealing wicks
  •  25% glass fibre reinforced polyamide thermal barrier use
  • In Rosenheim testing laboratory successfully completed wind, air, rain water tightness tests and insulation tests
  • Successfully completed performance tests

Curtain Walling & Facade Systems

The facade is the face of a building and it becomes the visiting card of the architectural design. A comprehensive system package will impress with its variety and cater for more or less all architectural styles. Facade Systems from Eligfen Metal has a timeless beauty, is completely maintenance-free and will offer reliable protection for generations. Besides the outstanding material properties and its attractive appearance, this natural material has other sustainable qualities to offer: it is not combustible and can protect buildings from lightning and electrosmog.

Eligfen Metal facade systems offer a wide range of complete wall systems for industrial and commercial construction. we also offer architectural facade systems that combine high standards of architecture with excellent energy efficiency.


We offer a complete facade system that consists of perforated cladding products and a support structures, with an integrated back lighting system.

The integrated system allows you to concentrate on architecture while we support you with:

  • Technical details
  • Expert to talk to
  • Solutions for all buildings, from large projects to smaller ones.

Facade Configuration

  • Well-insulated profiles
  • Several types of mullion and transom profiles. Rectangular, I- and T-shaped profiles give a lot of freedom in interior design
  • Wide range of decorative caps for exterior design
  • Four window systems, both inward and outward opening
  • Doors Hinge type and sliding doors can be easily integrated
  • Fire protection Available in fire resistance class
  • Classified According to applicable standards

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors give that welcome feel to any commercial or public building as well as assisting disabled users and the general public.  Our range of automatic doors are available as either brand new installations or we can provide a wide range of automatic swing, sliding and folding operators to retro-fit to existing doors.

Automatic doors make a bold statement for the entrance to any commercial building or retail premises. All Automatic Door Operators from Aluminium Door supplies meet the highest standards for function and design allowing for individual solutions that take into account individual building requirements.

The range of automatic door systems open up an almost unlimited range of door design options and bring a convenience to entrances in buildings as well as offering high performance, security and convenience.

Whether you are installing a new entrance or wish to refurbish an existing set of entrance doors, Aluminium Door Supplies offer a wide range of automatic door operators to suit you specific needs.  All operators are simple to install with comprehensive installation and wiring instructions provided.  They are affordable, reliable and with high specification as standard.

Automatic sliding door operators are modern, space-saving, functional and elegant.

The range of automatic door operators from Aluminium Door Supplies are suitable for all types of commercial entrances, shopfronts and can be fitted to aluminium, timber, steel and plate glass doors.

The range of Automatic Door Operators is suitable for:

  • New or retrofit doors
  • Will suit sliding, swing, folding and stacking door types
  • Aluminium, steel or timber
  • Any type of door system whether standard or modified

Sliding Systems

Highly thermally insulated sliding and folding sliding doors made from aluminium create new spaces:

The conservatory becomes one with the garden, whilst the balcony and patio extend the living space.

Thanks to the high stability of aluminium, buildings can be designed with narrow profiles and particularly large areas of glass, providing maximum transparency and light penetration. Who does not wish they could extend their office or living space at the turn of a handle?

The non-insulated sliding doors offer a wide range of new design concepts for use indoors.

Both system constructions can be combined seamlessly thanks to their design.

This structural and non-structural  joinery and display system meets your aesthetic and technical appreciation both together in accordance with high quality.

  • 45 – 80 mm case thickness
  • QUALANOD and QUALICOAT certified profile production in all Ral colours and eloxal options
  • EPDM air, water and dust sealing cords
  • Wind, air, rain water sealing tests complete with success in the test lab ROSENHEIM
  • Successfully completed performance testing

Glass Types

Glass, a fascinating material, have become an extraordinarily useful material in architecture. Both, classic and modern, its use in the construction has stood the test of times for over centuries now.

Eligfen Metal Aluminium offers wide range of glasses and provides high quality products with it’s continuously Advancing Technology.

Glass Types


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